Healthcare: Create Task To Send Post-Appointment Information


When a contact comes in for an appointment, they are given a lot of information, but what happens when they leave?

Prescription information, the next appointment date, and other follow-up information is important to the contact, but you shouldn't always rely on them writing it down. By creating a follow-up task to reach out directly with this information, you create a great customer experience and help ensure the contact won't forget any important information they need.

This automation is triggered a day after the date in your custom field for appointment date. A task is then created for your team to follow-up with the contact by sending them the details from their last visit.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they meet the date conditions in the trigger of the automation.
2. The contact arrives at an Add task action and a task is created for the deal owner to follow-up directly.

Note: If you track a contact's visit differently, feel free to adjust the trigger to how you track this.

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