Google Sheets: Track Giveaway Entries (Automation Recipe)


Running a giveaway is a great way to reward your contacts and capture more leads. This automation lets you automatically track giveaway entries in Google Sheets.

Whether your goal is to build your email list or reward loyal followers, a giveaway can help you engage your audience in a valuable and personal way. When someone enters your giveaway contest, this automation enters their information into a Google Sheet to make it easier for you to pick a winner.

When you run a giveaway and want to pick a random winner, you can use:

- A random name picker
- A random winner generator
- A random drawing app
- A raffle generator
- Or even Google Sheets' own random number generator function

Before importing, set up your Google Sheets integration and build out a giveaway entry spreadsheet with your desired columns. These columns should match the information you collect in your giveaway entry form.

Here's how the Google Sheets giveaway entries automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact submits the form to enter the giveaway. If you are using a form integration, such as Typeform or Unbounce, adjust the trigger to the tag generated by those integrations.
2. The automation sends contacts an email confirming their entry. You can share any next steps and encourage them to share the giveaway with their networks or engage with your online community.
3. The automation adds the contact to your dedicated giveaway entry Google Sheet. Having all the entries on a spreadsheet will make it easier to select a random winner when the contest ends.
4. The automation ends.

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