Author: Free Chapter Giveaway


Are you wondering how to promote your book before it's published? Are you looking for book promotion ideas?

The "Author: Free Chapter Giveaway" email automation recipe helps you:

- Promote your new book to your audience
- Introduce new readers to your work
- Increase book sales
- Follow up with your readers
- Build a personal connection with your audience

Before you import this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account, create a "Free Chapter Giveaway" ActiveCampaign form.

Here's how the automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered with an email contact submits the "Free Chapter Giveaway" form
2. The automation sends a "Chapter 1 Teaser email" to the contact
3. The automation waits 1 week (Note: this is to give your readers time to read the chapter)
4. The automation sends a "Chapter 1 Follow-Up" email
5. The automation ends


- The follow-up campaign is designed to send once the contact has read your chapter, you can adjust the length of the wait step to whatever you choose
- The follow-up email campaign could be a number of things: "Thank You" email to your readers, An email that encourages them to purchase your book from your ecommerce store, a discount email for your new book, or an invitation to follow you on social media
- You can build out additional email messages to send to make this automation uniquely yours.

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