Form Integration: Send Special Offer Signup Form (Automation Recipe)


Do you collect signups for special offers through a Typeform or Unbounce form? This automation makes it easy to share the special offer signup form with contacts who take a specific action, like visit a product page on your website.

By sending the special offer form to contacts who have already shown interest in a certain product or service, you can target the people most likely to purchase from you.

When contacts fill out the form, you can send them a special offer, like:

- Access to an exclusive sale
- Early access to a new product or feature
- BOGO sales
- A VIP coupon code
- Any other awesome promotion you want to share with your contacts!

After you share the form with the contact, the automation checks whether or not the contact filled out the form. If they have, you can automatically send them a reminder to use the special offer discount code before it expires.

Before you import this automation, set up your Typeform, Unbounce, or other form integration.

Here's how the "Form Integration: Send Special Offer Signup Form" automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact takes a certain action. In our example, the automation is triggered when a contact visits a product page. Specify the page you want to trigger this automation. Make sure the automation is set to run once, so the contact doesn't receive the same email every time they visit the page.
2. The automation sends the contact an email containing the signup form. Encourage contacts to fill out the form in exchange for a special offer.
3. The automation waits 2 weeks. You can adjust the wait step.
4. After 2 weeks, an If/Else condition checks to see whether the contact has filled out the form to redeem the special offer. To do this, the automation checks whether the contact has been assigned the tag associated with using that offer. (You'll set this tag up when you set up your form integration.) In our example, we track the form being filled out with an Unbounce integration. Feel free to adjust this condition based on your workflow.
5. If the contact has the tag associated with using the special offer, the automation ends.
6. If the contact does not have the tag associated with using the special offer, the automation sends them an email reminding them to redeem the special offer before it expires.
7. The automation ends.

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