Fitness: Info Request Form Submission Automation Recipe


Sometimes a contact is interested, but needs a little information before making a commitment to your business.

An info request form exists for occasions like this.

But how do you handle the replies of multiple daily form submissions? You don't -- an automation does.

The Info Request Form Submission Automation Recipe handles the initial reply after form submission to let a contact know they've been heard -- and giving you time to craft a first, personalized response.

When a contact submits a form on your site for more information, a notification is sent to your team to reach out. A thank you email is sent to the contact letting them know you will be reaching out shortly to answer their questions.

Before you import this automation recipe, build out an ActiveCampaign form.

How does the info request form submission automation work?

1. Contact enters the automation: A contact submits the form on your site. For this step, you need to choose the form you want to trigger this automation.
2. Create a wait time: This is the time between when a contact submits the form and when a notification goes to your team to respond with a message.
3. Notify a team member to respond: You will want to set this Send To email address to be whoever you want to be notified that they need to reach out to the contact.
4. Automation sends a Thanks For Your Interest email: Tailor this message to thank the contact while also letting them know you'll send a personalized message soon and the channel to expect that communication from.

What do you need to use the info request form submission automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, a form, and a contact list!

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