Facebook Lead Ads: Gated Content Delivery


Gated content is a great incentive to use to build out your contact base and get more people interested in your business. Using our powerful integration with Facebook Lead Ads and automation, you can make delivering this gated content easy. Start creating a great customer experience from their first interaction with your business!

This automation subscribes contacts to your list and sends an email to your contacts with your gated content attached. Before importing, integrate your Facebook Leads Ad account, build out your form, and build out your piece of gated content for your email.

Here’s how Facebook Lead Ads: Gated Content Delivery works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they submit the specified Facebook Lead Ad Form.
2. They arrive at a subscribe to list step and are added to your master list.
3. The contact comes to a send email step where they are sent the email containing their promised gated content. You can even use our integration with Dropbox to store the attachment directly on the email.
4. The contact exits the automation.

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