Event: Send Notification When Contact Has Question About Upcoming Event


Have you ever received a last minute question about an event? And didn't see it until after the event?

You can avoid these last minute questions from falling through the cracks by automating the notification process. Your contacts may have questions about where the event is, parking, or if it's alright to arrive late, to name a few. Answering these questions can ensure that no one misses out on your great event. And some questions might even denote a bigger misunderstanding you can communicate with all attendees and avoid a problem from occurring.

This automation is triggered when a contact submits your form for questions about your event. They are sent a thank you email and then an email is sent to your team letting you know you have a question to answer. You can even use personalization tags to pull the question they submitted directly into the notification email.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they submit your form.
2. The contact is sent a thank you email for their inquiry.
3. The contact waits for five minutes at a wait step.
4. The contact arrives at a Send Notification action and an email is sent to your team.

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