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Automate your entire legal document collection process using ApproveMe's WP eSignature Plugin, Your WordPress Website and ActiveCampaign workflows.

WP eSignature is a powerful E Signature WordPress plugin that makes it easy to send, track, and esign documents using your website (not somebody else's).

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Use ApproveMe's WP E-Signature (business license) to send, sign, and manage important sales documents, from any device and without ever leaving your WordPress website. Benefits include incredibly fast document turnaround times, increased customer conversions, and a more streamlined sales process. The result? Less work for your employees. Easier signing for your customers. And better ROI for your business.

WP E-Signature by ApproveMe has an Active Campaign Add-On that comes with your business license. You can easily add a tag, trigger a workflow, or subscribe a signer to a specific Active Campaign subscriber list once they have successfully added their legally binding signature to your contract or agreement.

This free Active Campaign workflow automation will trigger a signer request email (with your logo and company details) to the signer/email subscriber, so they can manually enter the contract details and sign your agreement. If they do not sign your agreement before a preset time frame you can trigger any number of signing reminder emails. All parties will receive a PDF of the signed and completed agreement. You can even sync these PDF's to dropbox if you would like to by using the Dropbox Sync add-on (inside of WP E-Signature).

Close More Deals Faster
Minimize the time it takes to follow up on sales contracts. Increase visibility into document status. Setup Active Campaign to automatically send out redundant documents and legal contracts that require electronic signatures from your clients.

Reduce Operating Costs
ApproveMe's WP E-Signature and Active Campaign integration doesn't just save the cost of paper and shipping. It also has a positive affect on productivity and time savings across teams that are involved in the sales process.

Send Documents for Signature
Do you have a terms of service, Non-Disclosure, or even New Client Onboarding Contract that needs to be signed by all of your customers? With this workflow and ApproveMe's WP E-Signature you can send formatted documents for review and signing. Recipients can sign using their tablet, smartphone, trackpad or mouse without having to download anything.

Use Your Website to eSign (not someone else's)
Who on earth thought it was a good idea to send your online customers to an unrelated website just to sign your documents? Yeah, that's kind of why we created WP eSignature Plugin. So your users sign on your WordPress website.

Unlimited Documents
Easily sign and store unlimited documents, contracts, proposals, estimates with no limit. Unlimited means exactly that. Unlimited.

Use Active Campaign and ApproveMe's WP E-Signature to streamline and automate the collection of your legal contracts and agreements between customers.

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