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How should I follow up with contacts when they engage with a one-off campaign?

You know you're sending an email blast about an exciting upcoming class but only want to follow up with contacts who are interested in this program. You should automate it! Triggering an automation off of a contact engaging with a campaign lets you know the contacts you're following up with are interested.

Using the trigger of clicks a link in a campaign, this automation creates a follow-up to only reach those who took the time to engage with the email. It also continues to check for engagement and if the contact has signed up to automate a financial aid informative email for those contacts who may want to sign up but don't have the finances right now.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact clicks a link in the campaign you specify in trigger. Note: You will need to build a campaign to trigger this automation outside of the automation itself and then denote it in the trigger.
2. The contact waits for a day. Feel free to adjust the timing on any wait step to what makes sense for your business.
3. The contact is sent the first email about the upcoming class.
4. The contact waits for two days.
5. The contact is sent the second email about the upcoming class.
6. The contact waits for three days.
7. An If/Else action checks for two sets of conditions. The first is if either of the emails in the automation were opened. The second is checking to make sure the contact has not signed up for classes yet.
8. If contacts meet both conditions, they go down the "Yes" path and are sent an email about financial aid options.
9. If they do not meet both conditions they go down the "No" path, exiting the automation.
10. The "No" path contains a goal action that checks for if the contact has signed up for the course. At any point in the automation, if they sign up for the course, the contact will be moved to the goal step and then exit the automation.

Note: In our example workflow, we use a tag for "Signed up for class" as an example. Adjust these conditions to how you check for when someone registers for classes.

Note: If you don
t offer payment plans or financial aid, feel free to remove the If/Else action and the "Financial Aid Options" emails after importing the automation. Make sure to keep the goal action though.

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