Education and E-course Email Reminder Series


Keep your students notified about your online course with automated e-course emails and JotForm. Set up this customizable recipe to automatically send important emails to your students -- such as introductory emails, reminders, assignments, and more.

Here's how the automation recipe works:
1. The automation is triggered when a tag is applied or when a contact subscribes to a list.
2. The first email sent will be a "Welcome" email. You can tailor this email to include your particular messaging and schedule it to be sent on a particular date.
3. This will be followed by a reminder email for the e-course, sent on a date you choose. You can apply a condition to the automation to detect contacts who may have registered after the first day of the course.
4. The automation can also send other course-related emails, based on the conditions you set -- all of which are fully customizable. This can include reminders about the course, helpful course information, learning platforms, and more.

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