Education: Teacher/Administration PTO request


What's an administrative task you wish you could automate?

Chances are, you can. Take PTO requests, for instance. A staff member or instructor wants time off and needs to submit a request. Then, if the approval takes a while, the requester can be frustrated from not hearing anything. You can automate and ease this process out.

This automation streamlines PTO requests. When a contact submits the form you used for requests, a notification email will be sent to the specified email with all the relevant information to make the decision quickly.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters when they submit the form to request PTO
2. A notification email is sent to the email specified in the notification action letting them know about the request.

Note: Use personalization tags in the notification action to pull the information the contact submitted directly into the email itself.

Note: While the example we provide is for PTO requests, you can use this automation workflow for any administration request.

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