Education: Referral Opportunity On Course Completion


When a contact finishes a course, they're excited and want to share the news with others. Why not make it easy for them and net yourself referrals while doing so?

With so many different online learning platforms and tools, contacts are not hurting for options. Hearing positive feedback and word of mouth from a trusted colleague can help tip the scales in your favor when it comes to someone's purchasing decision. You can also identify potential advocates through tagging the contacts who do forward your referral email.

This automation sends a referral email to contacts upon course completion for them to share with their colleagues and networks. After a small wait, the automation checks to see if the contact forwarded the referral email. If they do, they are tagged and sent a thank you message.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they finish the course.
2. The contact waits for two hours at a wait step. Feel free to adjust this timing.
3. The contact is sent an email formatted for them to send to their colleagues to refer them.
4. The contact reaches a wait step that waits until they forward the referral campaign for up to a week. If after a week, they haven't forwarded the email, they continue down the automation.
5. The contact arrives at an If/Else action checking if they forwarded the referral campaign.
6. If they have, they go down the Yes path and are tagged as having referred contacts and sent a thank you email.
7. If they haven't, they go down the No path and are tagged as having not referred.

Note: In our example, we use a tag being added for course completion as the condition to start the automation, but feel free to adjust the trigger to however you track a contact completing a course.

Note: The wait step at the top of the automation is to stagger messaging alongside any messaging congratulating the contact on completing the course.

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