Education: Discount when course is completed


How do you make contacts into repeat course takers?

There's always more to learn. Someone can complete a course and misguidedly think they have all they need now. They've learned all they can. But providing awareness of other courses, especially those related to the completed course, can incentivize a contact to sign up. Offering them a discount the first time they finish a course can incentivize them even more.

When a contact completes one of your courses, this automation sends a congratulations email and then a discount for their next sign up shortly after.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they complete a course.
2. The contact is sent an email congratulating them on their completion.
3. The contact waits for 30 minutes. Feel free to adjust this time to what makes sense for your business.
4. The contact is sent an email showcasing other classes and is given a discount for the next class.

Note: In our example, we denote a course being done by a tag being added, but you will want to adjust this to how you track course completions

Note: You will need to provide the coupon codes or special offer discount for the second email.

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