Create Task When Deal Sentiment Becomes Negative


What can a deal's sentiment tell you?

When a deal record is detonated as having a negative sentiment, this is a great early indicator that something may need fixing, and it's not too late to address it! Perhaps the deal has reached out and cited an issue with your product or service, expressed they are unsure of continuing the conversation, or is thinking about going with a competitor. Whatever the situation is, it's important to get the information over to the deal's owner quickly so they can work on fixing the issue and creating a great customer experience.

This automation is triggered when the sentiment of a deal's email changes to negative. The automation then creates a task for the deal owner to reach out so they can work to change the sentiment.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when their deal sentiment changes from To Be Determined to Negative.
2. The contact then arrives at an add task action and a task is assigned to the deal owner.

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