Create Task To Transcribe Notes After Sales Call


Automating your sales team’s processes can relieve a lot of headaches. One of the most common things your salesperson does is probably furiously jot down notes while on a call with a lead to make sure they’re not missing anything, but then it’s on to the next call and hope the notes make sense later. Why not automate a task for them to go over the notes and transcribe them into your deal record? This automation has you covered. This is a great way to follow up on a completed task.

This automation is triggered whenever a call type task is completed. The automation then assigns a task to the deal owner to write down the call notes. Feel free to add more actions to align this even further with your unique sales process.

Here’s how Create Task To Transcribe Notes After Sales Call works:
1. The automation is triggered when a call type task is marked complete.
2. The contact then arrives at a “Add task” trigger, creating a task for the deal owner to review and transcribe the call notes within a specified timeframe.
3. The contact exits the automation.

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