Calendly: Send Out Pre-Meeting Information (Automation Recipe)


Make sure your contacts come prepared for their first meeting with this Calendly automation.

When a contact books a meeting through Calendly, send them an email with any pre-meeting information they need to know. Before the meeting, the automation checks to see whether the contact opened the email -- then lets your team know if they have, so they can plan accordingly.

Pre-meeting information might include:

- A meeting agenda
- Materials your contact should bring to the meeting
- A form for your contact to submit more information
- Any questions your contact needs to think through before the meeting
- Meeting FAQs
- Anything else not included in the initial Calendly invite

With everyone at the meeting on the same page, you can make the most of your time and create a better experience for your contacts and your team alike.

ActiveCampaign's Calendly integration lets you seamlessly add or update contacts in ActiveCampaign whenever a meeting is booked in Calendly. With automations, you can also send contacts personalized follow-up messages (and close more deals faster).

Before importing this automation, set up your Calendly integration using Custom Objects.

Here's how the "Calendly: Send Out Pre-Meeting Information" automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact makes a first touch appointment through Calendly. You can adjust the trigger based on the type of meeting you want to send out pre-meeting information for.
2. The automation sends the contact an email with any information they need to know before your first meeting. You could also include a form in this email to collect any follow-up information your team needs to know before the meeting.
3. The automation waits for 3 days, or until the contact opens the email -- whichever comes first. You could also set this step to wait until the contact has clicked a link in the email. You can adjust this wait step based on the timeline that makes sense for your business.
4. An If/Else step checks whether the contact opened the email (or clicked a link, depending on your setup).
5. If the contact has opened the email (or clicked the link), the automation notifies the person or team of your choice that the contact has opened the pre-meeting email or clicked the link. If you use the ActiveCampaign CRM, you can use %DEAL_OWNER_EMAIL% to automatically send the email to the contact's deal owner.
6. If the contact has not opened the email (or clicked the link), the automation ends.

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