Boost Sales Conversions with Discount


Are prospects hitting your sales page but not buying.

This is an easy automation to import that has shown a huge jump in conversion rate (Alex King's clients average is 20%). The key variable here is not the amount you are discounting. We've come to learn that it amount of the discount generally doesn't matter - people just don't want to pay full price.

Use this for your entry level product/s between the $30 - $200 price range and watch your sales increase.

You'll also get the opportunity to get direct feedback from your customers that DON'T buy from you which is always really helpful information.

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Activerelay is an Activecampaign specific payment platform generating simple yet sleek, brand aligned high converting checkout pages while relaying in-depth data between Activerelay and Activecampaign to create a seamless client experience and data-driven approach for users.

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A Creative Expert specializing in developing content & marketing systems for Businesses & Entrepreneurs. Alex create incredible results for individuals, businesses and organizations to showcase their products and services. Alex takes on a limited amount of clients at a time to focus his creativity and design selectively to exclusive clientele.

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