Author: Book Pre-Order Email Marketing Series


How do you build excitement for your new book? How do you promote your book and encourage your readers to pre-order?

The "Author: Book Pre-Order Email Marketing Series" automation recipe uses email marketing strategies for authors to build anticipation and drive book pre-orders.

Here's how the automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when you add a "New Book" tag to your contacts (Note: you can change the automation trigger and bulk add your email list to this particular automation when you're ready to begin your new book marketing campaign)
2. The automation waits until the current time in your timezone is 10am (Note: you can change this step to be any time you wish, or use the ActiveCampaign Predictive Sending feature for send-time optimization)
3. The automation sends an announcement email, in our example the email is titled, "Big News is Coming" but you can update the email however you choose
4. The automation waits for 1 month (Note: you can change the wait step length to your preference)
5. The automation sends a second email announcing your new book release to build excitement and awareness
6. The automation waits for 2 weeks
7. The automation sends the third email in the pre-order series, in our example we encourage a list of reasons to pre-order your new book, but you can change this email to your liking
8. The email waits for 1 week
9. The automation sends a "last chance to pre-order" to create urgency and encourage your readers to pre-order the new book
10. The automation waits 1 day
11. The automation sends an email notifying your list of readers that the your new book is available now
12. The automation ends

NOTE: This automation recipe contains a goal of "Pre-ordered The New Book". This is in place to pull email contacts that take action and pre-orders your book out of the automation. This way, your readers who participate in the pre-sale don't receive any more emails encouraging them to buy a book they have already bought.

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