Bonjoro video: Convert webinar attendees with a personal video follow-up


What exactly are you meant to do with webinar attendees after they attend your webinar?

This recipe gives you an easy way to follow-up and turn them into customers, by letting you send personal videos to your webinar attendees.

In this automation, whenever a prospect is tagged with a "webinar attended" tag in your ActiveCampaign account, it will trigger a Bonjoro task for you to record them a follow-up video. If you track webinar attendees in a different way, adjust this trigger accordingly.

Use your video to thank them for attending, ask for any feedback, and drive them to take the next step towards buying your product.

You can add a call to action on your Bonjoro video to encourage the next step in the process; to book a personal call or demo, or even to take the plunge, and trial or buy your product.

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