Black Friday: SMS Drip


With so many different black friday emails going into everyone's inbox every year, how can you cut through the noise?

By going directly into their pocket! Don't neglect one of the most powerful marketing channels available to you, SMS. Bolster any email marketing you are doing with an SMS drip throughout the day highlighting some of our prominent items on sale.

This automation is triggered by manually tagging the contacts you want to send this drip with a tag for Black Friday, or whatever special event you are using the automation for. The contact then goes through a series of SMS messages that are spaced out with date and time based wait steps.

Here's how this automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact is tagged with Black Friday.
2. The contact is then held at a wait step to be triggered the day before your sale.
3. The contact receives an SMS message with information about the sale the next day,
4. The contact is then held at a wait step until the morning of your specified date.
5. The contact is then sent an SMS message letting them know the sale has started.
6. The contact then waits for an hour at a wait step.
7. The contact is then sent an SMS message showcasing some of your tops deals.

Note: We use a tag to trigger the automation but feel free to adjust this condition to however you want to track the black friday contacts.

Note: This automation is triggered a little differently than the average automation. Since you know you want the automation to go out on a specific day, you will manually enter your pre-existing contacts into the automation by going to your contacts section and running a segment for the contacts you want to be given the drip. You will then batch add a tag to enter them into the automation. You can find more information about manually adding contacts here.

Note: Don't forget to link out to your website and use personalization in your SMS messages

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