Author: Welcome Series and Book Recommendation


What's a good way to greet a reader to your list?

With a book recommendation, of course! But you can't just recommend the same book to every new contact. Readers unfamiliar with your work will want to know where they should start their journey with you. Avid readers of yours will want to know about upcoming projects. So what do you do? Personalize their welcome flow!

This automation welcomes all new contacts with the same welcome message and encourages them to take a survey to identify their familiarity with you. Based on their answers to your survey, they are segmented into a personalized recommendation message for their audience.

Here's how this automation works:

1. The contact enters the automation when they subscribe to your list.
2. The contact is sent a welcome message with a survey link via a send email action.
3. The contact waits at a wait step until they submit the form.
4. The contact then goes through a series of If/Else actions checking their familiarity with you.
5. The contact then goes down the pathway for their audience and receives another message personalized to their audience.
6. The contact exits the automation.

Note: We use the condition "Wait until form is submitted" because we use an ActiveCampaign form in our example. If you are using a form integration, then feel free to adjust the condition on the wait step.

Note: In our example, we segment by reader familiarity level, but you can segment by any custom field you capture on the form. Feel free to adjust the conditions and messaging for what makes sense for your marketing.

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