Author: Send Book Trailer On Site Visit


What's a great way to catch your audience's eye, build excitement, and drive sales?

Having a trailer for your book. Book trailers are a growing marketing trend in the publishing industry, helping to drive book sales and give a sense of what the book is about. These trailers can be an actual short video or a text trailer consisting of a section of your book. When contacts visit your site but don't make a purchase, get them excited by sending a book trailer!

This automation is triggered when a contact visits the specified page on your website. An If/Else action checks if they made a purchase after a day wait. If they did, they exit the automation. If they have not made a purchase, they are sent an email with your book trailer.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they visit the product page of your book.
2. The contact then waits at a wait step for a day.
3. The contact then arrives at an If/Else action that checks to make sure a purchase hasn't been made.
4. If the contact hasn't made a purchase, they go down the Yes path and are sent an email with your book trailer attached.
5. If the contact has made a purchase, they go down the No path and exit the automation.

Note: In our example, we use tagging to check for a purchase being made in the If/Else action. Feel free to adjust this to however you track purchases being made.

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