Aircall: Follow-up Email


Your contact and you discuss so much during a sales call whether it’s a discovery call or you’re closing on a deal. Things can slip through the cracks and the contact may not remember to ask everything. Sending a personalized follow-up from the deal owner allows you to set next steps and give the contact a way of reaching out, should they need to.

Before importing, set up your Aircall custom object schema. This automation sends a 1 to 1 email to contacts from their deal owner once a Aircall call has been made to follow-up and set expectations. Feel free to build out more actions and messages that make sense with your sales process.

Here’s how Aircall: Follow-up Email works:
1. The automation is triggered when a Aircall call is finished.
2. The contact arrives at a wait step and waits for 4 hours.
3. The contact then comes to a 1 to 1 email step and is sent a personalized email.
4. The contact exits the automation.

Note: We have a wait step with a 4 hour wait to create a more natural feel to the follow-up, but feel free to adjust this time to what makes sense to your sales process.

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