Adjust Expected Close Date On A Deal Automation Recipe

Every sales prospect is different. You can imagine how the sales process should go, and plan how you expect it to go from the first call to marking the CRM deal as 'Won.' But sometimes things happen. Progress slows down or speeds up, and you need to make adjustments to your sales timeline to complete a sale.

Changes in the sales process happen frequently. That's why you can automatically adjust your CRM deal closing date in ActiveCampaign.

The adjust expected close date on a deal automation recipe is here for you. It does the math so you don't have to.

When a prospect moves to new CRM pipeline stages, this automation will use the Math action to automatically add 7 days (or your customized length of time) to the original given close date. This gives you more time to engage with a prospect and close the deal.

How does an adjust expected close date on a deal automation work?

1. Before using this automation, remember to create a custom date field and name it. It can be called something like Intended Close Date or Expected Close Date.
2. To build a custom date field, go to the Lists tab in the platform, then the Manage Fields Page and click New Field. Name it and choose the type as "Date"
3. Import the automation and click the Math action to select your settings.
4. NOTE: You might see an error when you create the automation and it asks you to select a custom date field. That just means you don't have the field labeled the same as the original ActiveCampaign recipe template. When you create your custom date field, you can name it whatever you want, just make sure to select the one you have created in your account.
5. Adjust the number of days to what makes sense for your business.
6. This automation is triggered when a deal moves between stages in a pipeline. You can set this up for specific stages -- like if a contact moves back to an earlier stage, you could add more time. Or you could use this as a general increase in days for any stage movement.

What do you need to use this adjust expected close date on a deal automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, CRM pipelines, and deals!