Add New Subscribers To New Year Facebook Custom Audience


What messaging are you sending contacts in the New Year?

Many businesses create marketing in the new year to highlight successes from the last year and let people know what's coming down the pipeline. Let your contacts know about the latest and greatest with your business by adding new contacts to your Facebook Custom Audience with this messaging.

This automation is triggered when a contact is subscribed to your list and the month is January by using time/date conditions. The contact is then added to your Facebook Custom Audience for a week before being removed so they have a chance to interact with this messaging.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they are added to your list and meet the segmentation conditions.
2. The contact then arrives at a Facebook Custom Audience action that adds them to your specified audience.
3. The contact waits at a wait step for a week.
4. The contact then comes to a Facebook Custom Audience action that removes them from your specified audience.

Note: Feel free to adjust the length of the wait step and the segmentation conditions to what make sense for your business.

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