Abandon Cart Recovery [Basic]


We all get distracted online, gentle reminders can go a long way in your sales process!

The purpose of this automation is to further reduce the bounce rate of your leads who reach the order form page but don't complete the purchase. This automation is designed with 2 gentle reminders within a 4 hour window as we have found this to be the prime time to re-engage and potentially recover customers internally within ActiveCampaign.

coupling this with a simple Facebook remaketing campaign you'll have a solid recovery process in place!

This automation will increase your conversion rate and ultimately your profitability alot of people simply get side tracked in life.

Go ahead import this automation into your Activecampaign account and start catching the ones that are falling out of your sales funnel.

About Us
Activerelay is an Activecampaign specific payment platform generating simple yet sleek, brand aligned high converting checkout pages while relaying in-depth data between Activerelay and Activecampaign to create a seamless client experience and data-driven approach for users.

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