1 Year Purchase Reminder For Unengaged Customers


Contact comes to your store, they make a purchase, and then – nothing. This is all too common for an ecommerce store. What’s better than a gentle nudge to let the contact know what’s new with your business?

This automation waits until a contact hasn’t made a purchase for a year and then sends them an email message. This message can include an update of your latest offerings, a small discount, or a timed incentive. This can help re-engage the customer and drive a sale!

Here’s how 1 Year Purchase Reminder For Unengaged Customers works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they haven’t made a purchase in a year. This is measured by a date-based custom field that stores the last purchase date.
2. The contact is then sent an email message.
3. The automation ends.

Note: Feel free to adjust the trigger to however you measure a contact not making a purchase for a year. We use a date-based custom field and the “Store Customer Last Purchase Date” automation recipe.

Note: Add more messages and actions to make the automation your own.

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