Ecommerce Product Sales Drip Email Series Automation Recipe


Do you wish there was a way to automatically promote your ecommerce products to your email subscribers?

Send a series of automated ecommerce sales emails and sell your products with email marketing using this automation recipe!

A drip sequence is a series of emails sent to your contacts, customers, or prospects at specific dates and times. When a contact subscribes to your email list, they will receive each email in the series at intervals you choose. This automation recipe sends 1 automated sales email per day for 4 days, but you can adjust the wait steps and number of emails to your liking.

ActiveCampaign checks the contact's activity throughout the automation. If and when a contact purchases a product, they are tagged as "Customer" and removed from the automation. This means they won't receive more emails encouraging them to purchase a product they've already purchased.

This ecommerce drip series helps you:

-Sell ecommerce products with email marketing
-Increase awareness for your ecommerce products
-Encourage prospects or existing customers to purchase
-Stay in front of your potential customers
-Discover which of your contacts are engaged
-Determine who is buying your ecommerce products from email
-Create or develop your ecommerce email marketing automation strategy

Here's how the ecommerce product sales drip sequence works:

1. A contact subscribes to your email list
2. The automation waits until the contact's timezone is 10 am (or a time of your choosing)
3. They receive the first email of the series
4. The automation waits 2 days
5. They receive the second email of the series
6. The automation waits 2 days
7. They receive the third email of the series
8. The automation waits 2 days
9. They receive the fourth and final email of the series
10. The automation waits 1 day
11. The automation checks the contact's activity to see if they have converted and made a purchase
12. If yes, the contact reaches the goal "Has Made a Purchase", is assigned a "Customer" tag, and is subscribed to a new contact list for customers
13. If no, the contact is assigned a "Didn't Buy On Drip" tag
14. The automation ends

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