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Integrate Survicate with ActiveCampaign

Survicate is a free survey and NPS software that helps you capture customer data so you can personalize your ActiveCampaign automation campaigns for increased conversion rates.

What can you do with the Survicate - ActiveCampaign integration?

Automatically send survey responses into ActiveCampaign contacts in real-time as contact fields, tags and events;

Create new leads or update existing contacts in ActiveCampaign when someone fills out a Survicate contact form; Add contacts straight to ActiveCampaign contacts lists or marketing automation; Trigger powerful feedback-based marketing automations such as acquisition, retention and referral marketing campaigns;

Add surveys directly into the email's body in ActiveCampaign. Respondents will be able to answer the survey straight from the email for increased conversion rates.

Even if a user doesn't complete the entire survey, Survicate will still send the responses they do give into ActiveCampaign;

All survey responses are automatically tied to email addresses of recipients, so you know how every person answered.

How to set up the Survicate - Active Campaign integration?

Before you can set up the integration, you need to have an account with both Survicate and ActiveCampaign. Then follow the step-by-step instructions to set up the integration.

Lite Plan and Above

  • Collect new leads on your website and add them straight to your contacts lists or automation lists in ActiveCampaign.
  • Find out what are the pain points and interests of your leads/prospects and nurture them with personalized content that they’ll find interesting.
  • Run Net Promoter Score (NPS) campaigns and get your promoters (happy customers) to spread your brand through referrals. Proactively deal with detractors (unhappy customers) to turn them into promoters and avoid negative reviews.
  • Choose from a wealth of survey templates and get more inspiration on how to use Survicate with ActiveCampaign.

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