Tired of shallow, limited integrations?

Upgrade your stack with Deep Data Integrations.

Deep data (n) – The information that provides answers and solves problems. The actionable insight extracted from massive amounts of data after it is analyzed, unimportant information is stripped away, and it is organized.

Introducing Deep Data Integrations.

Much more than your average integration.

Historical & Real-time Data Sync

When you first set it up, all the historical data from the past is synced. Connect an ecommerce solution, you'll have a complete record of all your customer's purchases and orders. New customers and orders would be added in real-time.


Get Pre-built Automations

We've created workflows to help you leverage the data so you can hit the ground running. Utilize triggers and conditions unique to the app you've integrated.

Create Powerful New Conditions

This data is now available to power your automations. You'll have new ways to trigger automations, segment your prospects and customers, and measure the effectiveness of your marketing & sales processes.

Send Custom Cross-Channel Messages

Use rich data to send perfectly timed, hyper-relevant messages to your contact's inbox, phone, and while they're browsing your site.

Consolidate Data From Your Stack

Feed information from all the apps you're using so that you can gain a complete picture of your marketing. Know where your contacts are in the customer lifecycle.

Available for the best-of-breed solutions you use everyday.

We're partnering with companies providing the powerful solutions you use to run your business.

Organize & leverage data from your entire stack.

Consolidate data from all the apps you use to manage your business:

  • Ecommerce
  • Ads & attribution
  • Contact events & behavior
  • Customer support
  • Membership
  • Appointments & scheduling

Pick up where customers leave off

Say goodbye to abandoned carts. If a customer abandons their shopping cart before checking out, send automated emails reminding them.

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A step into the future.

Once data from your entire stack is consolidated, it can be leveraged for predictive modeling, cross-platform reporting, and business processes. ActiveCampaign becomes the brain powering your business and delivering the insight you need to make better decisions.