Customer Experience Automation for Shopify

Connect Shopify with ActiveCampaign and better engage your shoppers throughout their purchase journey and create a comfort level with them so they want to come back and buy again. Acquire more customers, sell more, and re-engage shoppers so they turn from newbies into regulars.

Automatically nurture your customers

When connected to ActiveCampaign, Shopify users can use purchase behavior to turn first-time buyers into repeat customers. Automatically send discount offers to first-time buyers a set time after their first purchase, text customers to provide reviews, and more.

Educate yourself on your customers

With ActiveCampaign and Shopify, you can track what your customers have purchased and recommend future purchases accordingly. This can be done in promotional emails, or SMS messaging, and more.

Create brand loyalty

Reach out to customers in personalized ways, creating a connection between you and them, turning first-time purchasers into brand loyalists. Send relevant and timely messages to earn customers’ trust.

What you can do with Shopify and ActiveCampaign

Use ActiveCampaign with Shopify to connect with your customers and sell more.

  • Use automations to upsell and cross-sell to shoppers after they purchase.
  • Build relationships with your customers through individualized and personalized sales tactics.
  • Use conditional content to send shoppers messaging related to their past purchases or known interests.
  • Enter contacts into abandoned cart email automations to increase purchase-completion rate.
  • Text customers with promos and special offers using SMS.
  • Segment email campaigns and automations by purchase behavior and shopper demographics.

Lead nurturing email templates

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Ecommerce Integration and Automation Starter Pack

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Use these free tools and templates to further your use of ActiveCampaign + Shopify.

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