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ActiveCampaign began as a solution for business owners who needed to keep in touch with their contacts. There was a demand for a powerful, easy-to-use solution at a reasonable price in a market that lacked options. Over the years, the company has seen a number of drastic transitions. We cut our product line from eight solutions to one, transitioning from a traditional software company to the SaaS model, providing a consistent and stable experience for our users.

At that point, we set a goal: to help marketers send fewer emails while still achieving better results by giving them the marketing automation and automated sales CRM features they need to send intelligent, targeted campaigns.

Today, ActiveCampaign is one of the fastest growing global tech startups. We're constantly looking to add diverse voices to our team, to strengthen our position as an innovator in the marketing automation space.

  • "I can bake a mean macaroon. Like for real, really good. I also like to make other things in the kitchen. But mostly macaroons."
    Jordan SkoleMarketing
  • "There's no ego here - everyone just wants to prosper and the politics are truly the most minimal of any company I've ever seen, including my time at Square and Google. There's also a ton of humor in the office, especially in the Slack polls and gifs (pronounced jifs - an ongoing company argument)."
    Rick BirenbaumProduct
  • "I take a lot of photos, somewhat professionally. I currently take photos for skateboard magazines and companies, and multiple music venues/promotion companies in the area."
    Victoria SandersCompliance & Deliverability
  • "I learned how to play guitar because I wanted to play Green Day songs. Within a month I was completely hooked. 10 years later my love for guitar grew to singing, drums, and piano. I still go home and rock some Green Day songs everyday just in case I get called on stage at the next concert."
    Shiv ChibberSales
  • "I'm actually in training right now to become a yoga teacher. I've always loved doing it and helping others learn how to get started would be so rewarding. Also I play a mean air guitar."
    Kelly KileySales
  • "If I could have one superpower I would definitely pick instant teleportation. Could really make the most out of our unlimited Time Off situation."
    Alexa SilvermanSales
  • "My favorite thing about the current office 'culture' is that 'culture' isn't really something we use as a buzzword like a lot of companies. Everyone that works here is so different and interesting, that the culture is created on its own."
    Stanley SieversSupport
  • "My friend and I made a short film, 'The Heart Burglar', which won the Second City Shorts contest in 2012. Besides that, I previously volunteered at Girls Rock! Chicago and Old Town School of folk music. This summer, I'm looking to do more tech based volunteer work."
    Alexis JenningsEngineering
  • "I really love how if enough people get together to plan something, ActiveCampaign will make it an official event. It really makes me feel valued and cared for. We already have potlucks, board game nights, and happy hour Fridays! Everyone is open and free to be their true selves. I love it here."
    Danny MartinezProduct Solutions
  • "I love how people here utilize all of the soft spaces. It's fun to work together at one of the cafe tables, or write on the windows, or put Post-its all over the place. We also now have a bunch of film equipment around, which makes it feel like an event is always about to happen."
    Jamie MadisonMarketing
  • "I won a silver medal in my first Jiu Jitsu tournament. Haven't been back since but that was fun! I'll go back soon I'm sure. Maybe. No, I will. I think."
    Jay QuilesSales
  • "ActiveCampaign is not only a place of work for me, it is my second family. I love the extent of nerd culture we have here. We are currently conducting the first Mario Kart tournament featuring the Nintendo Switch, we will see who is first crowned 'Champion'."
    Tim GorskiSuccess
  • "In fourth grade I won 'Happiest Person'. There weren't strict criteria for winning, but 90% of the student body voted for me since every time they saw me I was smiling."
    Meg CurthSuccess
  • "I love that for no rhyme or reason, we have collectively started a wave of celebration lately. If one person says goodbye to an employee as they're leaving, the rest of the office (100 people) might say goodbye as that employee walks out. Also clapping across the office when one small group starts clapping. And having no idea why you or anyone else is doing it."
    Colleen GraftonEngineering
  • "I volunteer at the Lincoln Park Zoo and PAWS, a no-kill shelter. I have a strong love for all things animal and have found investing my time in programs that increase awareness and understanding of animals can be very rewarding."
    Matthew HaywoodSales

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We're located in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Sydney. We work, play, and take advantage of the sites and events around us.

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