Our Story  

Since 2003, we’ve been reinventing how marketing should be done.

We believe in intelligence driven marketing. Marketers get better results.
Contacts get a needs-driven & respectful experience.

ActiveCampaign began as a solution for business owners who needed a way to keep in touch with their contacts. There was demand for a powerful, easy-to-use solution at a reasonable price with a market that lacked options.

To this day, we continue working on this mission and, even as we've experienced tremendous growth, we've stayed just as focused on fulfilling the needs of our customers. Perhaps more than most other companies, we listen to what our users want and then use this feedback to guide our development.

Over the years, the company has seen a number of drastic transitions. We cut our product line from eight distinct software solutions down to one so that we could focus our development resources. Later, we transitioned from a traditional software company to the SaaS model so we could provide a more consistent and stable experience for our users. At this point, we set a goal: to help marketers send fewer emails while still achieving better results by giving them the marketing automation and automated sales CRM features they need to send intelligent, targeted campaigns.

Through our pursuit of intelligent automation solutions that allow for responsible, yet more effective, marketing practices, we've had a direct impact on how marketing is done online. This is a source of pride for us, and we look forward to continuing to positively impact marketing best practices as we continue our aggressive feature development to enable even more personalized marketing experiences.

Today, I'm thrilled with ActiveCampaign as both a product and a company. We are growing at an incredible pace as we strengthen our position as an innovator in the marketing automation space. It's an exciting time to be here and I look forward to all the opportunity I see in the company's future.

- Jason F. VandeBoom

Our Team


How We Work

We remain focused on our employees, our customers, and even our customer's customers. Ideas are valued over titles, contributions are valued over appearances, helping a co-worker is more important than outshining them.

What's a normal day like?

It's not uncommon to hear laughter, but there are extended periods of quiet as people become lost in their work. We rarely have meetings, so you'll be able to stay focused on whatever project you are working on at the moment. When someone has an issue or needs help, the entire team is there to offer guidance and give their perspective.

Would you like it here?
You'd be a great fit if...

You make your work matter

You'll never feel like a cog in a wheel or just a number. Your contributions make a difference and your hard work will be noticed and celebrated.

You enjoy a challenge

The size of our userbase brings unique challenges to the table. No matter what your role here is, you can expect that you'll grow and learn new skills.

You have high expectations

Our high standards for everything from UI design, to sales calls, have led us to the position we are in, and we search for people who approach their work with the same passion for excellence.


Perks & Benefits

We work quickly to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry. But, we still respect your work-life balance.

  • Medical & Dental
  • Competitive Salary
  • Free Transportation
  • 401k Contributions
  • Catered Lunches
  • Life/Disability Insurance
  • Relocation Packages
  • Work/Life Balance
  • "I think ActiveCampaign has a great straightforwardness about it. There's no ulterior motives, there's no smoke screen. There's a genuine interest in doing right by employees, by clients, and even by our clients' contacts."

    Alex - Developer

  • "We all have a voice in creating the product. One, two or three specific people don't always make decisions. We rely on our customers and our internal employees to help build the product."

    Vince - Designer

  • "I'm impressed every day with the amount of respect each member of the team has for every other member of the team, from the guy who started it all 13 years ago to the person who just started last week."

    Tim - Developer

  • "It has always been your knowledge, experience, and work ethic that counts around here. Not how you look, your personality, or your hobbies/interests/etc.. I've always really appreciated that."

    Elizabeth - Developer

  • "We have a strong group of diverse people who complement each other very well. It is a professional and flexible environment where learning and personal growing is encouraged and hard work is rewarded."

    Milos - Operations

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