Travel: Special Occasion Rebooking Automation Recipe


Recognize your guests' special occasions and invite them to celebrate with you again. This automation lets you reach out to a guest that previously stayed with you for a special occasion and encourage them to rebook.

Special occasions might include:

- Birthday celebrations
- Anniversary trips
- Any other special day that your guest celebrates annually!

Whether or not a guest chooses to book another stay through your hotel or travel company, you can send them a congratulations or happy birthday message. This shows guests that you care about them and their special occasions, and helps keep your travel agency or hotel top-of-mind for them during this special time.

Before importing this automation, build a date-based custom field to store a contact's check-out date. You will also need a tag for "Stay - Special Occasion" to denote when a guest is celebrating a special occasion on the trip.

Here's how the special occasion rebooking automation works:

1. The automation is triggered on a contact's check-out date, which is recorded in a date-based custom field. The trigger is also segmented so that it only triggers if the contact also has a "Stay - Special Occasion" tag.
2. The automation removes the "Stay - Special Occasion" tag so that if the contact stays with the hotel again, they don't accidentally trigger the automation more than once.
3. The automation waits 10 months -- early enough that they are still in the planning phase of their celebration. Feel free to adjust this wait time to what makes the most sense for your business.
4. The automation sends the contact an email letting them know that you're thinking about their special occasion and inviting them to celebrate with you again. You can include a promotional offer or discount code in this email to incentivize rebooking.
5. The automation waits for 1 month.
6. The automation sends the contact an email encouraging them to rebook with your hotel or agency for their special occasion.
7. An If/Else steps check whether or not the contact has rebooked with you for their special occasion. Our example uses tag conditions, but you can use event tracking, integrations, or however you track bookings for your business.
8. If the contact has rebooked with you, the automation adds a "Stay - Special Occasion" tag to the contact.
9. The automation waits until the guest's check-in date is 4 days away.
10. The automation sends an email to whoever oversees promotions and offers at your hotel to let them know you have special guests staying with you.
11. The automaton waits until the day of the guest's check-in date.
12. The automation sends the guest an email to congratulate them on their special day and let them know about any special offers during their stay.
13. If the contact has not rebooked with you, the automation waits 30 days.
14. The automation sends the contact an email to congratulate them on their special day. Even though the client didn't rebook with you, this email keeps your brand top-of-mind and shows that you care about your customers.
15. The automation ends.

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