Travel: Hotel Stay Follow-up Email Automation Recipe


Follow up with hotel guests after their stay with this email automation.

This automation lets you send follow-up emails to guests after checkout. You can thank them for staying, offer a future discount, or request a review.

Use this follow-up email to hotel guests to:

- Encourage guests to leave a review
- Offer guests discounts on future hotel stays
- Ask guests to fill out a feedback survey
- Invite guests to join your hotel loyalty program
- Whatever makes the most sense for your business goals -- but make sure not to ask too much of your guests at once.

These emails show your guests that you care about the customer experience and encourage loyalty. Plus, the guest's stay is fresh in their mind -- so it's a perfect time to ask for their feedback.

Before importing this recipe, build a custom date field for "Checkout Date."

Here's how the hotel stay follow-up email automation works:

1. The automation is triggered 1 day after the date in a contact's "Checkout Date" custom date field.
2. The automation sends the contact a "Thanks for staying with us!" follow-up email. You can include whatever you want in this email -- we recommend asking guests for a review and/or offering them a discount on their next stay.
3. The automation waits 2 days. (Feel free to adjust the time to what makes sense for your business.)
4. The automation sends the contact an email reminding them to submit feedback or leave a review. Feel free to build out more messages and other actions depending on what makes sense for your business.
5. An If/Else step checks to see if the contact has joined your loyalty or rewards program.
6. If the contact has joined your loyalty or rewards program, the automation ends.
7. If the contact has not joined your loyalty or rewards program, the automation sends them an email reminding them of your membership program and its benefits.
8. The automation ends.

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