Travel: Send Website Visitors Limited-Time Offer Automation Recipe


How do you know if a contact is thinking about booking a trip through your travel agency?

What if you could reach out to a client and know that booking travel is already on their mind?

This automation uses site tracking to send contacts a limited-time offer after they visit a page (or pages) on your website.

When a contact visits a page on your website that features a specific destination or travel package, you can send them a promotional email with a special offer for that trip. You already know that booking travel is on their mind, making this the perfect opportunity to send them travel email marketing with a limited-time offer.

This limited-time promotion could be:

- A percent discount
- Bonus reward points through a loyalty program
- Entrance into a giveaway
- A travel upgrade
- Discounted flights
- Free night at a hotel or resort
- Anything that incentivizes a client to book through your travel company!

Before importing this automation, set up site tracking through ActiveCampaign. You can choose a specific page or a range of pages to trigger this automation.

Here's how the "Travel: Send Website Visitors Limited-Time Offer" automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact visits a specific page of your site -- like the booking page -- that indicates interest in booking a trip through your company. If you don't use site tracking, you can use event tracking as the trigger for this travel sales email automation.
2. The automation waits 3 hours. This gives the contact time to finish a purchase.
3. An If/Else step checks to see whether a contact has the tag "Booked a trip." This lets you avoid sending sale details to contacts who have already booked -- and who might be unhappy that they missed out on the sale offer.
4. If the contact has booked with you, they exit the automation.
5. If the contact has not booked with you, the automation sends them an email with details on the limited-time offer.
6. The automation waits 1 day.
7. The automation sends the contact a second email, reminding them about the limited-time offer and that time is running out. Creating a sense of urgency makes contacts more likely to redeem the offer and book with your travel company.
8. The automation ends.

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