Travel: Client Cancellation or Change Request Automation Recipe


How does your travel agency handle client cancellation or change requests?

People's plans change; this automation for travel agency CRM helps your team keep up. When a client requests to change or cancel their itinerary, this automation lets you automatically notify your team so that they can reach out to the client.

When you use ActiveCampaign as your travel CRM, you can create deals for new reservations and assign the travel agent or salesperson as a deal owner. With that in place, you can assign a task to a specific agent or salesperson that owns the deal.

In this automation, when a client submits a form to cancel or change a reservation, you can automatically assign a task to the deal owner (the travel agent) to reach out to the contact (the client) about their request.

Before importing this recipe, build out an ActiveCampaign form through which the client can request a cancellation or change to their trip.

Here's how the client cancellation or change request automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a client submits the change or cancellation request form. If you receive and track these requests through something other than an ActiveCampaign form, adjust the trigger accordingly.
2. The automation notifies the team that handles cancellations and itinerary changes to let them know that the client requested a change or cancellation. That team would then reach out to the client outside of the automation to follow-up on the request. If you are using deals in ActiveCampaign CRM to track reservations, you could use the personalization %DEAL_OWNER_EMAIL% to send the notification to the contact's deal owner -- aka a client's travel agent.
3. If using deals to manage client reservations, the automation will create a task for the deal owner to reach out to the client. If not using the CRM, feel free to delete this step or replace it with an action that makes sense for your business.
4. The automation ends.

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