Shopify: Email Reminder to Repurchase (Automation Recipe)


Do you sell products on Shopify that customers need to restock time and time again? Use this automation to remind your customers when it's time to reorder from your Shopify store.

How do you send an automated Shopify reminder email to your existing customers?

This automation recipe gives your customers the reminder they need to reorder a product. Incorporating this automation into your Shopify email marketing strategy helps you:

- Increase customer lifetime value
- Decrease time between Shopify purchases
- Motivate your Shopify customers to purchase now
- Create urgency
- Send an email incentive to your Shopify customers

The Shopify reminder email in this automation uses Shopify product blocks to easily import your Shopify product listings into your emails -- and personalize those listings based on the product your customer needs to repurchase.

Before importing this automation, set up your Shopify integration. You'll also need to create a "Last Purchase Date" date-based custom field. This automation works well with the "Store Last Purchase Date" automation recipe.

Here's how the "Shopify: Email Reminder to Repurchase" automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when the current date is 30 days after the date in a contact's "Last Purchased Date" custom field. You can change the amount of time after the purchase date needed to trigger the automation to whatever makes the most sense for your product and customers.
2. The automation sends a "Reminder to Repurchase" email. You can use Shopify product blocks to highlight the product and include an email coupon or special offer.
3. The automation ends.

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