Introducing Product Blocks for Shopify: Build a Better Shopping Experience for Your Customers

Introducing Product Blocks for Shopify: Build a Better Shopping Experience for Your Customers

What if you could easily import your Shopify product listings into your emails with a few clicks? And what if you could personalize those listings so customers see products they want to see?

We’ve made enhancements to our ecommerce integrations to help countless ActiveCampaign users drive growth and improve customer engagement. This latest update gives users with a Shopify integration the ability to insert a block within email automations and campaigns that pulls product information and images directly from their online store.

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Combine ActiveCampaign’s advanced tagging, segmentation, and automation capabilities to send customers the best product recommendations, based on past purchases or interactions with your business. Be proactive with customers and move them along their journey by sending structured, formatted emails that are tailored to them.  

Market top-selling products by creating a campaign

Show customers what they want to see within the ActiveCampaign email builder, choose a Collection that you have pre-configured in your Shopify store (New Arrivals, Fall Line, Sale Items) and the block will automatically load four items into the email, formatting them with images and links. From there, select the amount of products you want featured and edit their appearance to match your email branding and design. Send the campaign using existing segments, or create a new segment with specific tags or conditions to send the right customers the right recommendations. It’s really that easy! 

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You can sort the products shown in the block in one of four ways:

  • Best selling – This option will show the products whose variants have appeared in the most orders first.
  • Recently added – This option will show the products most recently added to your store first.
  • Price (high to low) – This option will order the products shown from most expensive to least expensive.
  • Price (low to high) – This option will order the products shown from least expensive to most expensive.

You understand what customers want, now send it to them

Be proactive with the right recommendations for the right people. Don’t wait for customers to engage with your store, take action and make product recommendations that will inspire them to convert – all within an easy-to-use, automatic email builder. For example, use segmentation, tags, and automation rules to send post-purchase follow ups showcasing similar products or even showcase items the customer has viewed but not purchased.

Don’t waste time building one-off email blasts that don’t return. The campaign builder will automatically pull product details from your Shopify store into the email builder, and from there you can segment, send, and automate an entire workflow for customers that will help you better engage them.

All the best products from your store will be front and center. Don’t worry about updating which products in your specified collection are appearing in your campaigns and automations. The direct link with Shopify means the products customers see are always reflective of your sales and performance. 

Get started today

For users who are already integrated with Shopify, simply login and start leveraging the product block to insert information. If you would like more information, check out our article within the Help Center.

Don’t have an ActiveCampaign account? Start a free trial today and start driving sales and engagement just in time for the year’s busiest shopping time!

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