Publishing: Submission Confirmation and Notification


What's even worse than the fear of your work being rejected?

Not even hearing from the people you submitted to. This can lead to the contact resubmitting, even if you have everything, or reaching out to be sure they followed the process correctly. All of this takes up your team's time and makes it harder for the actual process to get started. Provide peace of mind to your contacts and get your process started with this automation.

This automation sends out two emails, one to the contact and one to your team. The email for the contact thanks them for submitting and outlines what to expect from the submission process. The email for your team let's them know a new submission came in and, using personalization fields, can provide pivotal information directly in the email itself so your team doesn't have to go hunting for it. A deal is also created for the contact so that you can start tracking them through your publishing pipeline.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The automation is triggered by the contact submitting your form that collects submissions.
2. The contact is then sent a confirmation email that their submission has been received.
3. The contact waits for five minutes
4. The contact reaches an Add Deal action and has a deal created for their submission.
5. The contact reaches a Notify action and an email is sent to your team, letting them know about the new submission.

Note: If you're using a form integration, feel free to adjust the trigger to however your integration lets you know a new submission has come in.

Note: This add deal action is in the automation with the idea that you are using the CRM pipeline to keep track of the submission process. If you are not, feel free to delete this action.

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