Publishing: New Subscriber Book Suggestions


What's a good way to onboard book lovers?

Why not with some book recommendations and news about upcoming works? Sure, a nice welcome email is always a great touch, but personalizing it even further with something the contact is interested in starts to build engagement.

This automation sends contacts a welcome email with a list of bestseller recommendations and news about new works, personalized to their favorite genre. Be sure to build out a custom field for "favorite genre" and add it to your subscription form so you can segment by the provided answer.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact submits your subscription form.
2. The contact waits for five minutes at a wait step.
3. The contact reaches an If/Else action, which checks if their favorite genre is, for example, "Genre 1".
4. If Yes, then the contact goes down the Yes path and receives a welcome email with bestsellers and upcoming works for genre 1.
5. If No, then the contact goes down the No path and receives a welcome email with bestellers and upcoming works for genre 2.

Note: Genre 1 and 2 are just our examples. You would use whatever genres your publications range from such as Adventure, Horror, or Romance. Feel free to build out more If/Else actions and messages for each genre you offer.

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