Product Interest Tagging (Automation Recipe)

Do you wonder who your customers are? Do you want to know what they like, what they don't like, what they might like later?

Guess what -- you can! Site tracking helps you learn more about your customers every day -- and use it to interact with them in a way that makes them respond. But that's a lot of info to remember.

Luckily, you don't have to remember it all. You can create an automation that tags people's interest and keeps track of all of that info for you.

The "Product Interest Tagging" recipe generates the tag for each contact based on product page views from your website. Then those tagged contacts enter the "Product Interest Targeted Follow-Up" automation recipe to receive targeted messaging based on the tags created in this automation.

Create stronger connections with your contacts through targeted emails.

How does the product interest tagging automation work?

Here's how to use product interest tagging:

1. Set up Site Tracking with your specified URL before you import this recipe. This is how contacts gain a site tracking cookie
2. This automation begins when a contact visits the page specified in your start trigger.
3. Note: A contact starts becoming tracked by site tracking when they either click on a tracked link in a campaign leading to a tracked page or by submitting an ActiveCampaign form on a page with the site tracking code on it.
4. You can also set a wildcard URL by specifying the URL to a point and then using an asterisk. The contact will then meet the condition for any page after the URL listed. Example: If you had an automation set to*, it would trigger an automation when a contact visits any page on the Marketplace.
5. A contact moves to the If/Else action. Enter the URL of the same product in both conditions. Here we are assigning separate tags to people who have visited the product page more times than others.
6. For example, you can separate people who visited 6+ times from everyone else who visits under 6 times. You can specify the number of page visits required for a "Very Interested in Product X" tag vs. an "Interested in Product X" tag. You can set your preferences by clicking the If/Else action, the box which reads "Does the contact match the following conditions?"
7. Use these tags to segment and send targeted offers to contacts.

What do you need to use this product interest tagging automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, Site Tracking, and tracked contacts!