Multimedia Pack: Subject Landing Page For Tagging


This is meant to be a valuable resource for a company to place various forms of media about a single subject on a single landing page.

The goals of this automation are to learn about the media preferences of your customers to use in future campaigns. The landing page hosts 4 types of content (video, blog, webinar, talk to someone) and the automation tags a contact based on their interactions with the specific content on the page.

When a contact lands on this page, the automation begins. This landing page is designed to act as a repository of content for a given topic.

The landing page hosts different content types:

One-on-one calendar

Using event tracking data, the automation monitors a contact's actions and applies a tag to the contact according to the actions they take on the page. This tag can be used to service the contact with content in their preferred format in future automations. You can replicate this process to learn more about your contac's content consumption habits/preferences, and use it to truly deliver a personalized customer experience.

Think of how incredible it would be if the brands you love most, knew which content you loved most, and enriched your customer experience by serving it to you when you wanted it most

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