Travel: Last Booking Date Automation Recipe


Keep track of the last time a contact booked a trip through your travel agency, hotel, or travel website. This automation stores the last booking date in a custom field when the contact books their trip.

If you use ActiveCampaign as your travel CRM, this automation can help you automate your travel business and keep track of when guests:

Book air travel
- Book a trip
- Make a hotel reservation
- Book a vacation package

This can help you figure out the best time to reach out to a contact to encourage them to rebook or book a new trip.

While this example is triggered by a tag, you could also use a purchase being made, event tracking, or another method to trigger this workflow.

Before you import this automation, build a date-based custom field for "Last Booked Trip."

Here's how the last booking date automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when the tag "Trip Booked" is added to a contact. You can adjust the trigger to a purchase, event, or any other trigger that makes sense for your business.
2. The automation updates the contact's "Last Booked Trip" custom field to the current date.
3. The automation ends.

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