Finance: Set Task To Reach Out On Exceptional Credit Score


Is there anything better than working towards and achieving great credit?

Your contacts can now get better rates on any financial agreements they have, a whole new array of offers open up to them, and they might need some help understanding it all. That's where your team comes in. Don't just discuss new opportunities to those with exceptional credit, but the offers specifically to your contact and how it could help their situation.

This automation is triggered when a contact is tagged with Exceptional Credit Score. A task is then created for your deal owner to follow up directly with the contact to discuss new opportunities.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact is entered into the automation when they gain the tag "Exceptional Credit Score."
2. The contact reaches an Add Task action that creates a task for the deal owner to reach out.

Note: In our example, we use triggers for tagging based on credit score. Feel free to adjust these to however you track this. We use the automation recipe "Finance: Credit Score Tagging" to provide these tags and automate these workflows.

Note: If you are not using the CRM feature of ActiveCampaign, you can change the add task to a notify action to let your team know.

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