Finance: Send Bonjoro Video On Exceptional Credit Score


A contact finally achieving exceptional credit is a huge event, so why celebrate it?

Bonjoro allows you to record unique, personalized videos for your contacts. There is no better time to use this service than to reach out in congratulations to your contact one their big achievement. You can also highlight and discuss programs and opportunities for them to discuss with you and encourage them to set up an appointment.

This automation uses Bonjoro's robust integration with ActiveCampaign to create a task for you to create a short, personalized video for your contact. The automation is triggered when a contact gains the tag Exceptional Credit Score.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact is entered into the automation when they gain the tag "Exceptional Credit Score."
2. The contact reaches a Bonjoro CX App action that creates a task for your team to record a video message.

Note: In our example, we use triggers for tagging based on credit score. Feel free to adjust these to however you track this. We use the automation recipe "Finance: Credit Score Tagging" to provide these tags and automate these workflows.

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