Finance: Financial Wellness Webinar Invitation When Tagged With Poor Credit


What's the first step towards getting better credit?

Giving your contact's the knowledge to improve their credit financial wellness is key to actually improving it. Invite contacts who are tagged as having Poor credit to any webinar, program, or service you have to help them build better financial habits.

This automation is triggered when a contact is tagged with Poor Credit Score. An email is then sent to invite them to participate in your program to build better financial wellness.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact is entered into the automation when they gain the tag "Poor Credit Score."
2. The contact reaches a Send Email step and is sent an invitation to attend your financial wellness program.

Note: In our example, we use triggers for tagging based on credit score. Feel free to adjust these to however you track this. We use the automation recipe "Finance: Credit Score Tagging" to provide these tags and automate these workflows.

Note: Feel free to build out more of a workflow if you want to run an onboarding for the webinar in this automation or it can be a separate automation triggered by when someone signs up.

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