Accounting: Virtual Meeting Follow-up


You're meeting with a contact, everything is going great, you discuss next steps. Then you don't hear from them. What happened?

You didn't follow up! Even when being clear as you can be, sometimes the contact forgets. They might forget the next steps needed or when their next appointment is. Sending a follow-up email allows your contact to have all the necessary information a glance away.

This automation starts when a task for your meeting is marked complete. The contact is then sent a standard email thanking them for meeting and your deal owner is assigned a task to follow-up with a personalized email containing any information the contact may need.

Here's how this automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a meeting task is marked complete. This is done on the task itself, not the automation.
2. The contact reaches a send email action and is sent an email thanking them for meeting and to keep an eye out for an email with next steps.
3. The contact reaches an add task action and a task is created for the deal owner to send the personalized email.
4. The contact exits the automation.

Note: In our example, this automation is triggered by the task being marked complete. This setting is found on the task itself and set when you first assign it. If you track a meeting being finished differently, then feel free to add the appropriate trigger.

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