Email marketing templates

Email templates that make a lasting impression

ActiveCampaign has over 250+ expertly-crafted email templates ready for you to use right now. All templates are B2B and B2C friendly, responsive, and work with HTML. Start your trial today for access to all templates.


Responsive email templates for marketers to set up in seconds

Make your emails stand out, no matter your design experience. With a library of over 250+ design templates, (70+ email templates new and hot off the press) you can customize your email and send beautiful messages in just a few clicks.

It’s as easy as choosing your design template, adding your information, and pressing send. With these responsive email templates, all the code, design, and QA are built right in.

These email templates are included free with every ActiveCampaign subscription.


Stand out in every inbox

Responsive email templates that are already coded and QA’d mean you don’t have to spend time worrying if that perfectly crafted email, quick update, or newsletter looks the way you wanted it to. We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to — ensuring all email templates are rendered for all devices and inboxes.
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See a template that you like? With our free email design service for customers, we’ll customize a template of your choice for your business!

Service includes:

  • Adding your logo
  • Customizing colors to match your company’s branding
  • Replacing some of the default text with text you provide
  • Replacing default images