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Integrate Salesmsg with ActiveCampaign

Two-way SMS & MMS text messaging to easily send, receive, manage, and automate text messages with ActiveCampaign.

Salesmsg is a two-way business text messaging platform for sales, marketing, and support teams. Send, receive, and manage SMS conversations online or from your mobile phone.

With Salesmsg, you can…

  1. Send & receive SMS/MMS text online
  2. Send bulk SMS from ActiveCampaign Automations
  3. Call forwarding to your own phone
  4. Personalize your text messages
  5. Log text, calls, and more with Notes

There are two different ways to integrate with ActiveCampaign:

  • Salesmsg SMS for ActiveCampaign Automations: Easily create, personalize, and automate SMS and MMS (multimedia) text messages with your ActiveCampaign Automations. Add Salesmsg SMS to any Automation you have in your ActiveCampaign account.
  • Two-Way Texting with ActiveCampaign: Send, receive, and manage your text message conversations online from you computer, form the Salesmsg mobile app, or using the Chrome extension. Click-to-SMS your contacts from anywhere on the web!

Salesmsg SMS for ActiveCampaign Automations:

Send SMS/MMS Texts from Automations

Create and personalize text messages to send to your contacts from your Automations. Send pics, gifs, and vcards to your contacts

Local, Toll-Free, or Landline Texting

Send texts from a local, toll-free, or your existing landline phone number.

Send Short Code Bulk SMS Texts (79000)

Use the Salesmsg short code (79000) to send mass SMS marketing messages to your contact in bulk.

Personal or Shared Inboxes

Have texts come from your shared inbox or a specific team members phone number.

Create Drip Campaigns

Create powerful automations to include SMS texts for appointment reminders, alerts, and create conversations automatically with our ActiveCampaign integration.

Two-Way Texting with ActiveCampaign:

Real-Time Two-Way Texting

Send and receive text messages with your ActiveCampaign contacts. Save time with canned responses, schedule texts, insert custom merge fields, and more.

Log Your Calls & Texts in ActiveCampaign

Salesmsg logs your incoming, outgoing, and calls across your account. See the text message, timestamp, and link directly to the conversation in Salesmsg so you’ll have all of your history stored in ActiveCampaign.

Canned Messages

Communicate faster with Canned Message templates that you and your team can use to work more efficiently.

Schedule Messages

Easily schedule text messages to go out at a later date. Plus, stop the scheduled message when your contact replies.

Text From Anywhere - Download Our Apps

Text From Your Computer

Save your thumbs and text right from your computer using the Salesmsg web app.

Text From Your Mobile Phone

Download our iOS and Android mobile apps to continue the conversation from your own phone.

Text From The Chrome Browser

Download our Chrome Extension to send, receive, and manage your conversations where-ever you are on the web.

Lite Plan and Above

  • Create Bulk SMS Campaigns - Reach your audience quickly with SMS right from your ActiveCampaign Automations.
  • Appointment Reminders & Followups - Send reminders and confirmations for appointments to increase your attendance.
  • Send Texts From the Deal Owner - Send texts from your ActiveCampaign Deal Owner’s phone number to dynamic campaigns.
  • Drip Campaigns - Add SMS to your existing Automations to create an omni-channel messaging mix.
  • Send up to 1600 Character MMS Text Messages
  • Apply Tags, Notes, and More From SMS Conversations

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ActiveCampaign SMS Integration

Two-way business ActiveCampaign text messaging integration

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